November 18, 2013 § 3 Comments

I am a coffee snob. Admitting it would be naive, but I appreciate a cup of brew the way it should be made. With passion, robust and steadfastness. The right temperature, with appropriate grind size and pressure. If made in any wavering manner, it would ruin the entire cup and that unsettles me.

Nevertheless, I treasure tea. It is gentle and kind in subtle ways. On days when I have the time to quieten my thoughts, on restless evenings with a thick book before bed time and with friends, catching up on days missed or planning for happy moments.


With tea, there seems to be a deeper attachment. A sense of effortless comfort that confines everything else around and conceal them in the heart. The space between brewing and waiting ensconces thoughts and feelings. There is nothing more like a simple cup of tea with dancing leaves to manifest simplicity. I always take that time and thereafter to foster new beginnings.

Simplicity is the root to any new beginnings.

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