March 14, 2014 § 2 Comments

As another month unfolds itself, we welcome a new puppy to our home. Meet Lambert, our friendly little one who loves to cuddle on my belly and have naps with me. It follows my dad every where he goes and barks like a toy dog when he knows you have food.


Recently, I have been learning the wonders of rubbing in. This morning it came to me with all the series of events happening while I was making scones. We all know the steps of making delicious rich buttery pastries, cold butter and flour. It is without a doubt that when you take cold rich unsalted butter and rub them into the flour with your bare fingertips, fold them with cheese, fresh berries or chocolate, that it will make your life wonderful.

The rubbing in method requires time. It calls for patience and your presence to be unconditionally still until the mix resembles breadcrumbs before adding in the liquid. The rewards are unforgettably comforting and wash the woos away. Whatever happens before that quiet moment of baking, sort of dissipates like butter melting into the flour. When the sun slowly rises, I felt an ease of silence knowing that much of the days’ work will go into a gratifying ending.

I often worry that being myself and giving chances often result in a catastrophe. That restricting others to certain obligations or instilling ways will create discomfort. Truth is there is fear. The fear of being vulnerable and simply taking time to discover what is real. While that happens the mirror of objections turn into disappointments. We all rub into unknown circumstances unconsciously, and often wonder how it started at the beginning. Like making scones, while step one takes time, I believe in good intentions, that with tenderness there will be joy and contentment.

Spending so much time in the kitchen waiting for treats to be out of the oven, I wonder when real life’s satisfactions will come about. Perhaps they come in forms of a thank you note, or a kind gesture or a change of heart to be a better wellbeing. Whatever comes, for now I will keep rubbing in until they come about.

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I had spent some time digging out old editorials and organizing recipes from various publications. This late afternoon, I made myself a good cup of finca tamana by Tim Wendelboe, a lovely clean citrusy brew and re-read the entire sketchbook with a homemade blueberry cake. Another long weekend with the cafe ahead.

“The only way love can last a lifetime is if it’s unconditional. The truth is this: love is not determined by the one being loved but rather by the one choosing to love.
– Stephen Kendrick”

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