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May 21, 2014 § 2 Comments

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homemade baked spicy potato crisp

This post is inspired by Felicia’s “the weight we carry”. Her words are always heartfelt and honest, which in this day and age, it’s hard to come by anything real like her. I live in a city where women are impossibly annoying and too cautious about their figures. The way their hips sit in a skirt, the size of their arms in a sleeveless top and the amount of food they put into their mouth. They take pride in “low-fat” food and work out regimes during lunch breaks and after work. Putting their social/family time on hold and taking heed of their looks rather than how lovely they already are inside.

I was that fat kid in the field, the last to finish, the kid who got teased at for being chubby, the one who did not want to celebrate her birthday because she knew her family members would be calling her names for eating a slice of cake. So at one point, I got tired of it all, started working out right, eating cleaner food and lost so much weight, everyone around me got worried.

At some point, I got wary of other things around me. Not the way my hips sit in a skirt, the size of my arms in a sleeveless top or the amount of food I put into my mouth. I took heed of how food fill us up inside and where our food came from. Restoring health and balance in a positive light: local ingredients, sustainable eating, cooking at home and feeding simple food.

Perhaps at one point, I lost control of myself and put a restraint on the food I enjoy. But that soon went away too. The amount of time wasted on projecting a perfect image, which could jolly well be focus on the happiness of your life.

Whatever it is, someone has something to say about the way you lead your life. Whatever it is, listen, accept or change, and just be yourself.

These days, there is no doubt to move on to bigger things. The awareness of finding balance through yoga, sustainable food, creating a holistic environment for the people I love and spreading these messages across, just like how Fel is doing. Thank you for the timely reminder, sending love to Brooklyn!

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a happy kitchen crew serving simple food at afterglow

“Your life does matter. It always matters whether you reach out in friendship or lash out in anger. It always matters whether you live with compassion and awareness or whether you succumb to distractions and trivia. It always matters how you treat other people, how you treat animals, and how you treat yourself. It always matters what you do. It always matters what you say. And it always matters what you eat.”

― John Robbins, The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World




Recently, we took a short break to Hong Kong, the city will still be beautiful when it is done. This time, we had too much to eat and was way over our budgets. But nothing compares to the splendid time spent with loved ones.

Next time in Hong Kong put these places in your list:
Cafe Corridor
Hazel & Hershey’s

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