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Another reunion another day at the eldest folks’ place. Every year, the family grows or disappears, some leave the nest and settle into another. The girls would return back to their in-laws on the first day and visit their own parents on the second day. The rituals continue for decades and remain deeply vital to our regime.


Yet, the amount of food seems to stay the same, plenty of noodles for longevity , abalone/leek for prosperity, cabbage for luck and so much more. The Chinese simply adores “the more the merrier” and abundance of everything!



Back at home, I cannot account for the countless times, when these familiar feeling of being a child surface. That nostalgic scent of the handmade wooden shelve, the view I first witness every morning before the day break, the way dad always water the plants in the evenings, and our dog sniffing at the back door for dinner.



It’s always a sunken feeling going back to the city, but right now I can only enjoy this moment as it is and to be grateful for everyone to be around.

Happy lunar new year everyone!



January 25, 2014 § 4 Comments

Our dinner celebrated the pre-launch of Nourish. After months of contemplation, we finally have a name for it! We had prepared food using recipes from the cookbook, shared how we met, our inspirations and how we got to this point. The book entails food stories and mood recipes. It illustrates an interconnected relationship between food/mood every human being should understand and appreciate.


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We cannot be more thankful for all the help we’ve got to make the evening so memorable. A big gratitude to Hjgher, the ladies from Ate, Triceratops for the gorgeous flower arrangements, Books Actually, Siew & Yang, Todd Belz, Kitt Santos & your amigas, the journalists, our beloved guests and loved ones.

This is just the beginning of something remarkably beautiful and we are so happy that you are part of it.

The images here are taken from the tags and friends. Do send us more pictures or tag #jovialgathering!

food demo

December 2, 2013 § 1 Comment

Good things come in bunches. I hope this month brings much of those delightful feelings.

Our demo yesterday went surprisingly well. Apart from me burning an entire pot of hot chocolate to not even cooking because of a malfunction induction, I had a splendid time. All that effort of cooking/baking at 5am and preparing the bread dough the night before, were well paid off. It was the first time presenting ourselves to the public and bringing the cookbook to its presence. Our cookbook is going to be one of a kind. Why you may ask? It entails daily recipes influenced from our mood and emotions. How we feel and how we cook/bake is essentially the way we are. Naturally, like seasons changing it is easy to alter our meals with how we feel in this moment.

Yesterday was fun because, my parents were there, Elodie’s family was there, we made mistakes and laughed about them, food was splendid, people were receptive and so ever supportive. Thank you so much for everyone who made it !


Spontaneous flatbread: flatbread, hummus, smoked aubergines and pomegranate; vegetable rosti (beetroot, carrots and potatoes) with yogurt and cherry tomato chutney.




Like US!

u press & cooking demo

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It’s a delightful morning in the sunny island. One of my fondest memory growing up here is having chwee kueh for breakfast. A local delicacy made with rice flour, sauté radishes and chili. It’s so simple yet each step is tender and essential. In U Press N°4 issue, I wrote about Mr Lee’s passion in making our breakfast count. Decades of hard work, fatherly love in raising his children and their filial piety. Thank you Underscore for publishing it! Pick up your copy at any local cafes/museums.



This Sunday (1st December, 11AM), my lovely co-writer Elodie and I will be feeding everyone at Gillman Barracks for the Singapore Art Book Fair. We will be cooking up some recipes from our cookbook. Drop by and say hi!

final_1 S

21 days & 15575 miles

November 6, 2013 § 1 Comment

came to an end, it’s been a great journey discovering new and old things but more importantly packing back life lessons


In Seattle I met a retired journalist who travelled around central America/Asia. We talked about feminism in the modern century and food economics over a communal breakfast table until lunch time. Her big colourful night dress spoke as lively as her words. They were always filled with purpose and confidence, a passion to spread truth and equality amongst people. Her garden overflows with west coast produce, only shows much desirability for a sustainable earth. To think that her thoughts formed 50 odd years ago and are now still so strong, encouraged me to keep this green lifestyle. “We are children of the earth”, and I can only say we are all one. She currently runs a local radio station up in Carmel, NorCal.


In a flea market on the west side of NYC, I found a precious stone collector who sold jewelry. Her bright brown eyes, light blond hair and grey knitted sweater showed her simple demeanours. Yet behind that quiet greeting, her tone carried weight. We exchanged witty banters almost immediately and continued the light-hearted affair with much indulgence. She travelled around Asia in 1983 when Black Saturday happened in Hong Kong, and had a Singapore sling at Raffles Hotel. She kept moving around, a nomad like me. We both found home in our suitcases. Where the road or wind shall take us, we ride along with it. Eventually, she returned home, surprisingly back to the same streets her grandparents were born.

What happened, I asked.
I got a dog, she chuckled.

Our suitcase is our home, we all have baggages and unnoticeably we seek people to unpack them with.


While doing yoga in hotel rooms was fun, I signed up for Tara’s classes on Broadway. It was such a pleasure to start the day in a big room filled calm ambience, good music and awesome people. Meeting Tara and the instructors themselves was like meeting a family, you could tell everyone is passionate about their work and understood one another well. Now I just wished I could attend the classes everyday back in this island, videos and her cookbook would have to replace all of that for now. We can be in completely different places from our everyday lives but fall into the same habits.



Another highlight from this trip is meeting Vanessa at her new amazing apartment. Her professionalism is simply impeccable and has such a warm personality.  Hope Marshall gets a new companion soon!  Also got the chance to catch Felicia & her sweet friend Persia. Thanks girl for the lovely Saturday brunch! Some exciting happenings coming ahead.

The trip ended with a bang, dinner at Ootoya and Breakbot concert which lasted till 3 in the morning. Brunch at Freeman’s the next day and more quiet time with the kitties before heading home.


So thankful for the safe journey and adventures along.  The experiences were unforgettable. Stay true to yourself (as cliche as it may be). When the rest of the world runs on the race of materialism, seek for altruistic faith. Search for purposes and meanings but don’t miss what is in front of you. Sometimes things need to fall out of place to fall in place. Other times, you just really need a pint of kambucha or glass of wine with your favourite person. It’s as simple as that.

millbrook winery in hudson valley; bluebird coffee shop; streets ; gasoline alley coffee; scrumptious ravioli at rosemary’s ; collage of the trip

also a big thank you for those who are following me on this journey on instagram!

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