An iron of strength

January 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Don’t give up opportunities on long term potentials just because you cannot take the at-the-moment stress.”

I step into Le Gourmet Chef with the beat of a race horse. There was absolutely nothing i could get my hands off. The nut grinder, the cookie cutters, ceramic canister with magnetic spoon intact (perfect for coffee addicts like me)and trying dips with pretzels along the way. Thankfully because of time constraint, I walked out of the shop with just one thing.

An Iron Cast Pan. Ever since living with an aga in England, there was always iron wares around. The modern century housewives prefer stainless steel and light weight pans. But iron pans last almost forever or for your life time, at least. I remember reading the Guardian one day and Nigel Slater had to answer a lady’s question to her Le Creuset, which was past down from her mother and had been used for almost 60 years. It had a hole in it and she wasn’t able to bring herself to throw it away. So that poor lady wrote in to enquire if he could help her retrieve its youth. Unfortunately, all he could say was she had to part with it and give that old iron pan a good rest. All good things have to come to an end, afterall.

One evening in culinary class, we had an egg night. Everything about egg. Fried egg, French Omelet, American Omelet with cheese, tomato, herbs, we even came to a point to almost making Fritaja. We used an iron pan and it heat up so easily. Oil the pan evenly before using, clean with hot water bring to a boil after use, give it a scrub and oil it again. No soap needed. It even adds iron to your dishes. How awesome is that?! Some would find oiling the pan too time consuming since we can just pop dishes into dishwashers. But simply taking that effort would save you from buying more cookware. Hence, the quote above. I love old fashion life too much sometimes.


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