For the love of breads

April 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Second week of breads class and many more to come. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of breads everyday I see in class. It’s amazing how simple things in life can become such beautiful delicacies to our daily staple.

Yesterday we made Pumpernickel bread. Its hard and dense rye crust and caramel color looks appealing but once broken in half, the soft texture smells fresh and even slightly sweet.

The night before, we made pizza. Nothing really bets homemade pizzas, well anything homemade is more authentic anyways. Pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomato sauce and spices. By far the best pizza I had, was an Italian pizza with my dear friend in London. It was baked in a wood oven; had the crispest crust and used only the freshest ingredients, specially delivered to the restaurant in the evening before it opens. My favorite part was how they serve their pizza only on wooden chopping board. A glass of red wine and good company made the meal so delightful.

Apart from these, we managed to show off our artistic flare with snipping and scoring breads.


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