An interesting analogy, you say.

May 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

A friend of mine has been going through a lot with her life recently. Two accidents in two weeks; trying to move from one place to another and handling a 5 day job do not spell happiness all at once. So while doing dishes, i told her that things will get better and this is a transition period.

“It’s almost like making vanilla icing. U add the butter, a bit of icing sugar and vanilla extract. Whip them up. Add more icing sugar bit by bit to check the consistency. Right now, you need more icing sugar and it tastes almost unbearable but with a little bit more icing sugar, it will be perfectly light and fluffy”

“I like your analogy.”

Its almost impossible, for me, to not use baking or cooking to describe life.

After three weeks of yeast dough, we fall into another three weeks of laminated dough. Bread and butter are best friends. It cannot get better than this can it? I am not sure if our weights can handle additional fats now. It’s almost inconceivable to consume every product made in this class. Have a great weekend, or what’s left!


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