Tearing food apart

May 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Somehow as culinarians or foodies, we don’t eat to live but rather live to eat. Quintessentially, food is fuel. Without it, the heart cannot beat and the brain neurons will start to break down. In a culinary dimension, food is art. We order a dish, look a the presentation, inhale the aromas, taste the food, feel the texture and swallow. To some, the aftertaste is more important than the initial impression. Less is more is what we always look for on a plate, but when it comes to taste, the longer it lingers on your tongue, the more memorable the meal is.

With that said, it is not always the case. Chilli is rather playful when it lingers too long in your mouth or stomach. The burning sensation can send you straight to the bathroom if not careful. A few know how well my Asian roots are dwelled into me. Chai, Matcha, Garam Masala etc are always the back of my mind. Cinnamon, to me, settles gently in the mouth. The best Espresso, they say, is suppose to remain in your mouth for up to 30 mins.

A meal with other culinary students is never boring. “I can taste cumin”; “Oh my! I get a hint of pepper at the end.”; “Nom nom nom, this is so good, i can eat this forever”; “Try this, it is interesting”; “Did they put parsley in this? Eww.”.

We don’t just eat. We, as my friend said, “tear food apart”. Testing and feeling with every inch of our nerve fibers. Nevertheless, there is still joy to it and we can still say, Bon Appétit!


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