The Second Le Chef De Fer

June 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last Saturday, the second Le Chef De Fer was held at Machon, LCB Orlando. Participants were given two hours to write up a menu with 6 mystery ingredients and cook 4 dishes for each meal.

Intermediate were to present dishes of each appetizer, entrée and dessert. Their mystery ingredients were plantains, silken tofu, coffee beans, turkey scallopini, Mahi mahi and Rutabaga (Swedish turnips). Beginners were to present dishes of salad/soup, appetizer and entrée. Their mystery ingredients were tofu, baby eggplant, chocolate, duck confit, pears and veal scallopini. Two ingredients were to be presented in each course.

The turn out was very good for a cloudy Saturday morning. I guess the buffet lured more people. It was great to see support from the administrators and chefs. We also sold raffle tickets sponsored by Calphalon. The prize was a 13 piece set of stainless steal culinary pots.

The winner for the intermediate was the same team from the first Iron Chef. Their food is without a doubt impressive and definitely a winner to the chefs.

-Pictures from Michael Gunter.


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