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August 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, I watched Food, Inc for the very first time. Being an environmental advocate, I’ve heard about this movie several times from friends. It had changed their perception of fast and massively produced food. Some have boycott several fast food chain and even start cooking at home.

As chefs of any kinds, perhaps, the most essential items on the plate are ingredients. Understanding where the product or produce is from, how it is being treated with chemicals, who package it etc. Nevertheless, some people are ignorant of how the food chain system works. They seem to only remember how much doodling was done in elementary science class then what they have been taught. Most, I dare say, who eats organic food are those who have somewhat experience, if not personal, of health diseases or concerns. They realized that eating at fast food chains or consuming Walmart products will only cause harm to their own body. Why do we have to come to this stage to realize we need change? Why not start when we were younger? Keep the healthy body moving and the earth sustainable. We only came to realize the effects when one hit rock bottom and it is almost too late to be cured.

Sometimes, environmentalist, vegans, organic farmers, animal rights protesters are scooped under an umbrella of trouble makers for the government. Those elites sitting behind the big wide wooden table with the soft leather chair and silky ties, are far more concern about the size of their wallet and digits in the bank account, let alone the well-being of other people!

Charity, as we have been told countlessly, starts at home. A healthy lifestyle begins the same way. The minute I told my family I was going to be vegetarian, everyone thought i was just a rebellious girl. But there was more to just that. Watching the movie yesterday, made me felt even more determine to bring the big food industry down. Where did the quality of the food go? Why are we striving for quantity instead? Does money exceed the importance of one’s well-being?

Quintessentially, good food comes from good farmers. Going to the farmer’s market every weekend with my family when i was a child became one of my fondest memories. The sun is up, everyone is smiling, the cool breeze brush against my cheeks, fresh vibrant colors of produce and awesome homemade food. Till this day, I will not say no to a farmer’s market.

If you have not seen this movie, I urge you to watch it. It is more than just another “talk of the town” movie or Amazon’s no. 1 seller. Kudos to Michael Pollan and everyone who made this film possible.

Read, ten ways to change our food system:


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