Plated Dessert

August 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Finally, I am at the last 12 weeks of my course. It’s been a crazy ride with lots of happenings in the clubs. Predominately, changes are always good. So, here is am in the most exciting class of all courses. Plated dessert has always been the highest level of pastry desserts. Some say, chocolate and sugar art work are the most exquisite. But why make something that is not edible? I would rather “draw” and create a beautiful plate of fine desserts bursting with exotic flavors, vibrant colors and personal creativity style from the pastry chef. Sit back, admire, and dig in. Period.

Planning, sketching, thinking and executing the product takes a lot to conjure. Nevertheless, the end product is entirely worth it.

Thai napoleon made out of lime and chai spiced phyllo dough, agave pastry cream and lemongrass raspberry coulis.

Black pepper puff pastry with strawberry pastry cream and balsamic vinegar reduction. Making the balsamic vinegar reduction was really interesting. Getting it to the point where it cools off and not harden up was not easy. I was avoiding butter and heavy cream the entire time (as how caramel sauce is being made). Managed to get it to right consistency at the end.

We are plating creme brulee and rice pudding next week. Will be brain-storming for ideas this weekend.


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