Bread pudding & panna cotta.

September 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

This week’s plating was very intriguing. Decided to try out some new skills for plating the sauces.

The red raspberry lemongrass sauce turned out a lot prominent and stole some limelight from the main element. I’m entirely proud to say that the carrot bread pudding is entirely, vegan. Needless to say, I didn’t tell anyone before letting them try and are always startled by how similar it tasted. Veganomolicious!

“Earl grey? Hmm…”, you went, and walked away. At the buffet people turned to more conventional flavors like chocolate and fruits. They tend to steer clear off different flavors and it takes a while to entice their palates. Pairing the blondie with with the panna cotta helped a lot. “Ooo, white chocolate”, something rich, delicate and a familiar ingredient. Earl Grey tea has been a favorite to my Godmum. Whenever she had tea, it was never English breakfast, green tea, lemon ginger or chai. Habitually, she ordered the fragrant black tea, during breakfast to compliment her toast; at tea with scones and clotted cream; and after dinner. I have vivid memories of the fresh aroma and how it is ever so imprinted in my senses. Steeping the tea bags into the cream & milk, brought back her lovely smile and heartwarming conversations we had. I’ve got her to thank in teaching me how to always be prudent and appreciative of others.


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