September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

A customer came in with a perplexed look and wanted to order a cake for the friend leaving for the evening.
“Something lavender, with cream cheese, chocolate and vanilla”, she said. Without a doubt that could be done instantly. But she stumble her own words and look around the case. “I dont want to bother or change your routine but can it be done? Could I get some cupcakes with lavender instead?”. Jumping back and forth with yes and no is perhaps the most indecisive and complicated thing to do. Managed to talk her into getting cupcakes instead.

Going an extra mile for customers and getting thanked for is perhaps one of the best feeling ever. To see a smile on their faces when they pick their orders is a joy. I made Jenipher some chocolate mint cupcakes, which she had been requesting for about two weeks. It was awesome to see her chow the entire cupcake down. Had a splendid conversation and pizza for supper.

Finally got my Canon T2i. “Never compromise your art”, it’s been a long wait but i’m finally getting into food photography. The last six weeks of school is here. Having mix feelings inside. While watching Niki, Reags and Stan walk down the red mile, a flash back of good times came back. Cooking days, sushi night, beach time and Lollicup. Wishing them all the best for externship.


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