October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

“I put my children through college and raised them up, now it’s finally my time to do what I want”. As she lifted up a table and rearrange it, while limping with a smile on her face. “After going through a divorce, unemployment and having to juggle tuition fees, I’m finally getting inducted for Honor’s society.”

Life is an irony, was my only reply.

People like her inspire me to be more than what I was set up to be. Expectations from family are often hushed, but achieving a personal goal is almost like playing a tug of war with yourself. The constant battle of pushing one’s limits to gain knowledge, experience and creativity. The effort paid off yesterday at the Eta Sigma Delta Honor’s Society induction. A surprise award came my way as the first student of the year.

Only three more weeks of school left before i head out for my externship. I’m so thankful for all the chances the chefs gave me to be part of every event. From cooking for the homeless on Thanksgiving, to making endless amount of chocolate truffles, and throwing pies at chefs and faculty staff to raise funds.


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