Size it down

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s immensely depressing to watch Super Size Me in a culinary institution. Right across the road there is a Mcdonalds and Denny’s. Sitting in the cafeteria, someone always comes in with a bag of fast food and half a gallon of soda. On rare occasion, I see someone bringing a lunch box from home or enjoying something none greasy.

Going to high school, I made sure I had breakfast before heading out and packed sandwiches for lunch breaks. The cafeteria served warm soups noodles, rice with fish and stir-fried vegetables and sandwiches. But the longest line will always be the famous mee pok (noodles served with minced meat). One would wonder what nutritional value it served to our body. Back then, enjoying life was all I cared for. Furthermore, peer pressure was immense and the kiasu syndrome (afraid to lose, a Singaporean slang) was imbedded into the brain.

Coming to the States, Mcdonalds was the first meal I had and, the last. Now I wonder what kids enjoy in school and what would they become? Would they know the difference between a orange and a tangerine? Would they know that cheese was made from milk? Would they know the box of microwavable meal was processed and genetically modified? A few years on, when they have a heart disease, would they blame it on themselves or would they put the finger to the lunch lady behind the school counter?

“Why consider? Why not just do it?”

The facts are given, the figures have showed and the numbers are increasing. Bridge the gap with a positive bond. I’m blessed to have a farmer’s market down the road every Saturday. With people who share the same sentiments and others for pulling me down. With all respect for others, I say, respect your own body. Love it with all your heart can give.


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