Trip back home

January 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Happy New Year! Considering that the first week of new year is coming to an end, I’m real excited about being back at the bakery again. Two weeks of cupcake making madness was great but there were times when i crave for some delicious vegan treats that home did not offer. Nevertheless, the entire trip was all about food.

I had curry everyday. Yes, everyday. Curry noodles. Vege curry with rice. Curry with roti canai (malaysian flatbread). Thai green curry with pad thai. When I get tired of curry, there was always a small serving of sambal (chili paste) to go along with the meal. Returning back to Orlando, I sneak in some curry paste from Penang but forgot about mum’s homemade chili paste. What despair!

Here is my favorite curry noodles. This queen of curry noodles have been in Johor Bahru (Johor) since i was a little girl. She serves her curry with an option of sambal and lime. Lime, which adds a subtle but distinctive taste to the bowl when gently squeezed and stirred. The sambal is another personal choice to alter the spiciness. In Penang, curry noodles are very different. The broth is milky and the chili paste is added at your own accord. It’s also creamer and richer.

Back in Singapore, gila papaya (crazy coconut) brought me to Veganburg. It’s a new fast food restaurant in town with vegan burgers.

The cracked pepper burger was an epic success. I don’t even recall what else we order. The flavors were bold and enticing. Along with vegan mayo which was so lush, I almost thought it wasn’t vegan. All vegan patties are homemade and were gluten free too!

My year started out with a bang of authentic malaysian food. There is nothing else I can ask for besides spending time with my family, close friends and eating. Just eating.


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