Perusal of an obsessed cookbook reader

January 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

As tree branches sway along with the vigorous winds and roaring voices from the thunder, I’m slurped up my last strands of rice noodles. The warm stainless steel bowl gently sitting on my left palm, a pair of wooden chopsticks in between my fingers, inhaling fresh steamed broccoli and seaweed. Soaking it all in while enjoying the quiet sounds of rain drops and peaceful evening.

Throughout the week, I’ve been hiding in libraries and bookshops in search for numerous cookbooks. Cooking for one, vegan cooking, fine dining desserts etc. While reading Falling Cloudberries, a friend pointed out a witty phrase “my parents are like perfume and meatballs”. I felt almost instantly in love with Tessa Kiros’s heritage and style of cooking. Cooking green gave me a fantastic view of how to run an eco-friendly kitchen at the bakery and at home. Judith Jones’ Pleasures of Cooking for One had taught me that preparing a meal for myself is as enjoyable as having a potluck. Her simplicity of life and stories as a food editor were delightful reads. More over, what would books be without her?

So with the upcoming storms and cold weather, I’ll be indulging myself with cookbooks, more hot soups, hot chocolate and perhaps, mulled wine?


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