April 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I walked out of the bakery on a bright mid-April evening, it dawned upon me that it’s almost time to say goodbye. We just had a lovely conversation about dreams and flying. Like any of our casual banters, it was filled with laughter, joy and momentously carefree. But there is always something profound beyond the smiles.

Raphsodic Bakery, which sells mostly sweets, is a place where dreams come true. Behind the antique furniture, through the curtains, and pass the colored tiles, lies the magic. Every morning, the morning birds (or forced to)flies in, preparing orders and treats. It starts with hugs, then smiles, then maybe a cup of tea or coffee, sometimes cupcakes, but more so recently roasted potatoes. Next, we put our aprons and thinking caps on, and start baking a storm.

As the usual routine continues, we pick (and fight) our favorite music channel on Pandora, then talk about obnoxious Floridian drivers, evil Monsento, organic farming, to beautiful mountains that are non-existent in the sunshine state. When you share a space with passionate intellects, it is almost impossible to run away from anything mundane. One who is ever so intrigued with herbs, another with psychic powers, and another who loves bathes and drawing, another who loves children and another who abhors the government. One way or another, our paths crossed and encountered with each other.

My adventure started as an intern almost a year ago. In the culinary world, the “intern” is termed as a slave. While El Buli’s interns get yell at for not making haste and work one’s fingers to the bone, but only the head chef gets credited; the bakery, lavish me with endless encouragement. Though I don’t deny that sometimes, it can get very stressful and intense, it cannot be compared to any other kitchen. Surrounded by quotes of affirmation, green ingredients, compose bins and recycling bins, my creative thoughts flow into a pond of aurora and dance upon the glorious sky.

I had been granted with so many thankful opportunities to create new flavors and treats. One of the most recent pear + walnut + bleu sheese cupcake, which started of only as an imagination, but became real and took off like a blazing rocket. Did I mention it was entirely vegan? And could be made gluten free as well? Booyah! That’s how magnificent the bakery is.

Beyond this, my coworkers were never just people I see at work, they were my family. Yes, ohana. People who sincerely care, showed actual respect, inspired me, accepted my insecurities and idiosyncrasies on the wildest days. Giddy Up from Dandi almost every Monday, trading clothes, potatoes, herbs, jars, living together, even forming Derby teams!

When I knew my days were count, I muse over reasons to leave the bakery family. On the saddest day, I know I can walk out with a gleeful heart; whenever I found myself in a difficult situation; there is always a helping hand. And even after my departure, I was promised a place. Though, the bakery will always have a special place in my heart wherever the road takes me, I doubt this farewell will be the end. My deepest gratitude to the empowered women who moved me, and, shall continue to shape my world. Till we meet again, keep roasting those potatoes, and fighting the GMO companies.


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