They didn’t tell you it was easy

May 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

oh no they sure did not

1600 clock ticks
1637 already churning ice creams, refilling cookies
1808 cheap rush is over, start rolling out pie tarts for avocado appetizers
2015 it doesn’t stop, rushing running around prepping plates, burning hands, tossing salads
a yell from the hot line, chef wants Orange to be faster and getting the main course out
Shaky is already searing the tuna, yet again, making sure all sides are perfectly done
as for me, I’m at the back making 5 times the usual amount of cherry clafoutis, with the method he wants
chef Z was right all along, so I wonder off in my mind where everyone is now…
2139 dessert tickets start coming in, dang ice cream doesnt want to come out from the scoop and the server is already in front
“why doesnt he know how to scoop and he has been here for a month?” how come you can?
obviously all those time spent in front of the fridge eating B&J paid off, fat belly
2225 J is rolling his cigarette, Shaky is yelling at him to hurry up while he already has his tuck up behind his right ear
“I’m off, keep an eye on the counter”, of course, while the head chef leaves for the day, everyone disappears and it’s like the zoo gate opened
2302 “fuck that last dessert, I just wrapped everything up”
Mr Joker is making funny jokes and showing off his tips money again, you wanna go out tonight? not again, no wonder everyone is always complaining about not making enough money
2345 she left without saying goodbye, poof.. I’m on my own again.. Great..
2357 unlock my bike and off to the quiet streets. the world is different at midnight.homeless people, bright lights, dirt bags and more kitchen colleagues get out.. 11th street.. great come on legs, a few more blocks.
0016 finally got out of the shower and make myself a cup of hot chocolate, open up mails and read a new book from the library, the Sharper Your Knives, The Less You Cry, they dont say, the ratio of men to women is 10:1 or maybe 2.


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