Day 5

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Happy Birthday, you sing, with Chanel bags and Prada shoes. The just turned 18 year-old brat has about just everything she wants. A luxurious dinner in a pool side restaurant with abundant amount of delicate food. Among those, dessert, a Tiffany & Co cake. Chef cuts up the cake after candles were blown. As usual, calling me by my last name, “Hung, you want to try the cake?”. Looking at the thick blue fondant, and pearl white icing, I scrap a little on my finger and put it in mouth. “Ugh, it’s vegetable shortening!”, making a beeline towards the sink and throwing it out. “Oh, yes you prefer animals products.”

Ever since the crew knew I live on a plant base diet, they went hysterical. One evening, Shaky kept on insisting I cut the tongue and I kept on insisting, I had pastries to prep, which i did. The carrot cake was about to run out. Some predicted that I will not be after this job. Others gave me a long stare before they could say something. “What a tragic life”, imprinted on their foreheads. Enjoy your heart attack with the bacon, as I am tempted to say with my thumbs up.

Blair, walked pass the station and I stopped her.
“So, is the brat happy?”.
“She had everything she wanted.EVERYTHING!”, waving her hands in the air. She is a lovely girl who enjoys pedicure, shopping and getting treated like a queen by her boyfriend.
“What a real brat”
“Her friends were wearing Gucci, Chanel and Prada.”
“I like Jimmy Choo’s better.”, and grinned.
She looked at me and must be wondering how I know about Jimmy Choo’s, “Me too”, she finally replied.

Sometimes people think as servers or waiters, they are lower class citizens. The ought to “serve” and as cooks, we were sometimes considered even lower than that. Though not all, but mostly those who dine and wine about life. Whining, as I always say, is never complete without a glass of wine. So if you don’t have one on your hand, shut up and do your job right. Underneath our shabby aprons, dry cracked fingers, tired eyes, crude conversations and bad attitudes, we have lives. A life, perhaps, will never be showed, through the days on the line.

As for people who enjoy, food that are too pretty to eat, they might as well just eat butter sticks. It tastes better anyways, or so they say. Orange, was already immerse with the left over icing. I could only shake my head and stared at him. He gave me one of those “don’t judge me” look. You can bring a boy away from his mama’s home but you take the boy out of him.

It’s 0045. While taking a shower, my stomach rumbled like a thunder storm and started to wonder why my feet ached so much. Some of my toes became so numb they could hardly soften up. Enduring the sharp pain under running water for the longest two minutes in the world. I held my breath so not to wake the neighbors up. It soon went away. Warmed up some cookies and made myself a cup of tea.Oh yes, I know why now, I forgot to take a break, and skipped dinner.


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