Cafe Gratitude

June 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Finally, I got the chance to try this magnificent place. My first encounter was reading Cafe Gratitude cookbook through a raw foodist back in Orlando. It had drawn me into paying attention to many aspects of the body which we tend to ignore. A crack on the back or a deep sigh are signs of fatigue and they can all be related to food intake.

Due to the short of time in San Francisco, we couldn’t make it to Cafe Gratitude. Hence, when I found out there was one just right down on Melrose, I made a beeline before the lunch crowd.

Drinks were I AM LUSCIOUS and I AM REJUVENATED. It was my first time trying wheatgrass. Much to the extend of explaining how it actually taste, we could not put a vocabulary to it. Like grass? alfalfa? who actually tasted grass before apart from cows? Then again, they do say vegans eat like cows. Moving on with I AM COMPLETE and I AM WHOLE. The garlic almond hummus was incredibly light, crunchy and smooth. Olive tapenade, mint tzaziki and live falafels with baby spinach were very flavorful. Quinoa and kale were complimenting each other so well. The light dressing made it refreshing and reminded me much of a real “sushi” bento box.

One would imagine that eating just vegetables would make you feel hungry after a couple of hours. But to your disappointment, we couldn’t even finish our meals and later that evening, I could hardly touch dinner. It is to my understanding that the body recognizes less processed food and absorb more nutrients. Hence increasing satiety for a longer period of time. Would you try it the next time? Let me know how the experiment goes.

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