The blind leading the blind.

July 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

Co-worker: Oh my…… (very wide eyes)
Me: Yes. (Gave him the “I know, I’m a freak” smile)
CW: You will never find a man to get married
Me: It’s okay. We don’t need men, especially men like you.

It’s frustrating fighting to be part of this world call “society” as everyone tries to be part of the norm. The norm of eating everything that is harmful to your body. The media only tells you what you want to believe. For instance soy. Why is soy bad? Well, soy has been a great carnivore’s substitute and alternative to dairy products. However, due to the increase consumptions and American’s kind impact to the entire world, it is now proven to produce side effects to the body along with deforestation. How do they affect one another?

A simple food chain would explain it all. Here is an extensive article from Treehugger to explain how Monsanto is destroying plant propagation in Paraguay. At the end of day, someone asked me, then what do you eat? A whole lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, quinoa, rice and occasionally, soy or tempeh products.

While, I’m not advicing everyone to go cold turkey. It would be nice to see people to stop following the blind. Listen to your body for what it needs and what it desires.


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