The low down

July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

We arrived in the summer heat with waves of sticky humidity and boiling temperature. Walking along 5th Ave, people were in sleeveless tops and shorts, lining up in front of juice trucks; others were holding iced lattes or teas with their shades, rushing towards the subway. The people reminds me of Singaporeans, always in a hurry, stuck with their earphones, unaware of the honking from the car behind etc. But NYC is unique on it’s own. Exploring the Lower East/West side, there were a mix of hippies, office workers and high socialites.

It was hot. Oh boy it was, to the state where I saw a lady’s make up melting and her berry smoothie dissolving into water as she stepped out of Argo Tea. We walked through the city stopping in several cafes in a day. It gave us the opportunity to try many lattes along with pastries, which was a fantastic excuse to stop mum from shopping (till we dropped). Here is a list of bakeries tried and what were brilliant:

City Bakery
By far the best around Union Square for great lattes and unique pastries. Pretzel croissant was out of the world. It was salty, buttery, so fragrant and a little salty (like pretzels). The berry scones are delish as well. But my favorite was their baker’s muffin, which was essentially monkey bread with cinnamon sugar baked in a muffin pan. Genius!

JivamukTea Cafe
A real divine yoga cafe in the heart of hectic days. I like the peace and quietness away but within the busy city. So delightfully special. We tried several dishes here for dinner, lunch and tea. The Chocolate cake was so luxuriously enriched with chocolate but delivered a balanced with light icing. I don’t know how they made it but it was so delicious. Chai tea was so fragrant and heartwarming. The smoothie was real fresh too. The atmosphere of the place was peaceful but also lively as almost everyone practices yoga and take solace in the cafe before/after the class. The menu somewhat focuses on Ayurvedic lifestyle, balancing the inner dosha and taking pride in wholesome ingredients.

Curly’s Lunch
Though we were there for dinner, which we had a massive salad, a large plate/bowl of gazpacho soup and sweet potato fries, dessert came with a loud bang! The Brownie Chunk Cheesecake was absolutely divine.

I wish there was more to say about food, as there always is, but I am keeping this to the minimum for there will be another trip (hopefully soon) to NYC.



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