Love of a caffeine addict

September 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week hasn’t been yet very pleasant. Though the labor day weekend was a nice real stretch but I still had a lot on my list to accomplished. So to get through all the unruly thoughts and mind-swirling games, I take myself out for a cup of joe. A lot of cups actually.

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There are days, when thoughts become things and my mind go floating around the city and there are moments when I find a really good book to read, so i spent the rest of the evening living multiple lives on the same wooden chair with stainless steel legs. Yet, a bad day can never be really bad after a cup of coffee or so. I realized that the best latte is smooth, rich, and a has a little toffee after taste. It’s also fragrant to the very last drop and leave you wanting for more. The worse is the bitter/acidic type when the milk is just warm to touch and nothing but tasteless and dull. What I would name, lifeless coffee.

Many more coffee shops to venture, many more coffee to try and chairs to be discovered.



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