Good Food in Santa Monica

September 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

How fortunate can I get to be living in Santa Monica with promises of glorious sunshine even on the cloudiest day and some cool ocean breeze on hot summer afternoons? By chance, the lovely farmers’ market turned 30 and celebrated it with a big burst of events through out Sept 14-18th by hosting Good Food Festival. Though, barely being here for a couple of months, the market has always been a place I felt at home with glorious fruits, vegetables and friendly vendors even on the foggiest morning. It was only natural that I grab any chances to get tickets for the events.

Big thank you to Renne at Apple Gate Farms on Twitter  for choosing me as one of the winners for yesterday’s event. I met many brilliant people and taste some fantastic local products.

On such a glorious Sunday, everyone had smiles on their faces and carried a hungry belly. Vendors were giving out samples and educating participants with sustainability questions. It was really pleasant to see both parties exchanging banters of the importance in great local food. Foremost, the growth of a plant, it starts with germination, lots of tender loving care to reach its desired flavorful stage, then foraged, prepared carefully and turned into a glorious dish.

At Santa Monica High School’s community garden, gardeners were teaching both young and old how to grow herbs from their backyard or kitchen window. I believe the inspiration itself was sitting in a wall-less classroom looking over healthy greens, occasional colorful butterflies and breathing in fresh air. “How come we never had this when we were in high school?”, asked a lady. How true it is, that we lost touch with our inner child then but to regain it now.

After walking away gleefully with a pot of purple basil and butterhead lettuce, it was time to head towards the food court. Along the way I found Fancifull Gift Baskets, Les Macaron Duverger, Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen, Green Truck, Malibu’s Ice Cream Sandwich etc. I was quite, just quite, please with the spread (click on pictures to view large).

I could not think of a better way to honor local farming in Santa Monica. The way food is intertwined with local restaurants well-known to many in and beyond LA, the steps of educating young children with fruitful knowledge in gardening and improving, as a community to become, green and holistic. Many preach and say, but not here, we get the grove going.

This city is simply, full of surprises.

*Please email me if you would like to use pictures for any occasion. Much thought appreciated.


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