Cinnamon Basil

September 21, 2011 § 3 Comments

Discovering new elements in life is a joy. Simply because mundane routine is like a piece chocolate cake with no icing. Could anyone tell me if they had a cake recently that had no icing or a certain element to bring out its beauty? For the last two days, it has been real cloudy and chilly. I thought, for a moment, we were having an English summer again. The sun barely comes out and even on the warmest day, you still need a cardigan to go about your errands.

But today, miraculously, the sun shined gorgeously along Arizona and 2nd/3rd. It was unusually busy but inexcusable since fall is here and everyone is getting a tat lazier with the dodgy weather (at least I was). Walking along, there were many new pome fruits: honey crisp apples, asian pears, golden quinces etc. Beet roots were vibrantly displayed in bright yellow, dark maroon and sunset orange. Dark leafy greens like kale and spinach were still lively but here I found a delightful looking light green basil with violet flowers, cinnamon basil.

Perchance, there was something intriguing. Basil and anise are often used in Thai cuisines. In the Flavor Thesaurus, Niki Segnit described the combination gave out hints of licorice and cinnamon. But here I was standing in front of the vendor, thinking of the words and putting the two together. A Thai herb growing in Socal? What are the chances?

Herbs, personally, are remedies. There are many beautiful qualities to it, flavors, textures, color etc but ultimately the essence is in the ability to cure and smoothen the heart. Cinnamon basil tea brings out full-bodied and dark sugary taste. It does, have a slight tangy licorice feeling. A lovely tea with sugar cookies or apple crumble. The herb leaves on it’s own has a stronger lingering aroma of sweet licorice and very pepperminty aftertaste. Would suggest blending in with homemade pesto or garnish on a hearty bowl of potato/leek soup. As for pastry, it would be best made into ice cream or a dark chocolate candy bar. From now on, it is just going to hold a special place in my heart.


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