that one day

October 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

“It will all pay off”, you say.

It’s difficult to fight for something you want. Laying on your bed at the end of the night wondering if all the effort you put into the little details, with the same monotonous routine would be something, magnificent, one day.

So often, life begins after graduation. Driving across country and moving to SoCal was no doubt an immense change, but truth is, the strenuous part starts when the drive ended. For the past few months, I’ve been searching for ways to make end’s meet. Worked 7 days a week non-stop for a good two months; slaving for obnoxious employers who throw plates back to the cooks; eating more during lunch break at work so that dinner would not be a stretch to the pocket; volunteering at events to build contacts etc.

While whining about it to my sous, he told me that one day all these will pay off. True enough, but what does one do while waiting for that bloody day to come? Play? Read? Get drunk? Yes for some, no for many, perhaps. Drinking every evening with friends would be quite a waste of all the hard earned cash. Facebook only entertains you to a point until you are sicken with obnoxious status/picture updates. Instagram crashed my phone one too many times already ( a sign I should take heed of before I need a new phone entirely).

Thanks to many good friends (and great food), days like these are much easier to go through. After wondering around the globe, I’d realized that at any given hour, someone is awake somewhere. Insomnia night becomes a late evening of catching up with friend back in Singapore. Ending work early means occasional Skyping with a Lithuanian college mate residing in London. Then you have the East coast friends; that for some reasons, they sleep later than you, despite being three hours ahead.

Other days, you go about the same routine, running towards the pier, yoga in the evenings, cooking for your family or spontaneous movie night. The things that make you believe, that fine silver lining will come through. What do you do, while waiting for that moment?


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