your blog is what you eat (and write)

November 14, 2011 § 6 Comments

The conference finally came to an end. 27 hours of mingling, exchanging business cards, putting a face to blogs (which I had been following for the last 3-4 years), tweeting, taking notes, and of course, eating. What can you expect? Put a couple of dozens food bloggers together and we do what we do best, eat.

Without a doubt, every blog is distinctly unique in its writing style, photography, food and even videos, but the dynamics only serve as a focal point for our passion. I met several fellow plant-based diet foodies, who would not touch anything without a face; and gourmets, who indulge in anything with a face. But the fundamentals of filling one’s belly and satisfying the palates are universally shared.

At some point, I had a “huh” moment, as how Kat Flinn described it. A time when you space out from the rest of your surroundings, entering into a soliloquy, and only hear a voice. Yours. “What is the heart of your book?, she asked. In this case, what is the heart of your blog? Many food blogs are covered with action ads, bright sponsors’ names, colourful widgets etc. They are also lucky enough to be sponsored by certain brands to attend functions and conferences like this. It’s a trade I truly admire, because:

One, it’s free and you get paid, sometimes (that’s two things right?, but in general, money). Two, you get connections from the big guy to the cleaner, who you never know might be helpful in any possible way down the road of your career. My late cousin who wrote about politics found out that an embassy was reading his blog. We pondered for a while who he/she was and he was sort of convinced it was, the janitor. Perhaps on the second floor, I thought. Three, it increases traffic for your blog. As much as I would love the number of my readers to sky-rocket, I can’t help to wonder if they truly understand what I write? Hello? Do you?

My “huh” moment came through when I answered the rhetorical question. This blog is about how I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Pâtisserie & Baking, the stories behind my travels, my work as a pastry cook and now a photographer intern for a local magazine. Sometimes I put recipes but, mostly vegan because I like hashtaging #meatlesseveryday  more than #meatlessmonday. The honest reason I don’t label this as a recipe food blog is because I work in a kitchen. After hours of dropping flour on black kitchen Crocs, scrapping batter, trying not to burn your arms opening the oven doors too many times and eating tasting sweets, I keep myself miles away from the stove/oven. Not that I don’t enjoy cooking at home, I just don’t have the energy to bake snap and enjoy nom-ing.

So when Rand Fiskin  spoke about SEO (search engine optimization), increasing links and stats, I felt like a school girl again. I even tweet (and got replies) with #nerd #badstudent for texting in the session while trying to absorb the technical terms. Also, during Melissa Lanz talk, I felt my eye pupils turn into dollar signs and thought of how to market my blog with media kits. They were all inspirational and definitely motivated me to revise the site. Nevertheless, there will be no change of heart.

A voice unheard, is like a sad cookie. So dear friends whom I met at IFBC Santa Monica, stay true to yourself and what you bake, cook, eat or write. I had met sincere food bloggers  and believe there will better times. Perhaps, Portland or sooner? (:

Heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this event, a success.

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