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I quite like things simple. Especially when it comes to food. A walk down the farmers’ market on a sunny day, gathering fresh robust arugula, sweet bright oranges and perhaps a basket of adorable cherry tomatoes. In the big bowl, I’ll toss sliced tomatoes, supreme the oranges into lovely segments and break a handful of washed greens. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, with a little seasoning. And I’ll bring it outside to the garden and enjoy the sun, while fat squirrels chase each other making little sharp noises on the tree.

While time permits, I’ll bake loafs of bread and take pleasure in it’s soft warmness and brown crust. It seems to me that no matter how complicated a dish can be, it can not bring out the qualities of one ingredient. Take onions, for example. They make you cry when you slice them, but when baked/roasted in the oven, they magically become sweet. So sweet, until it took the hand of “caramelized” and now is it’s first name.

homemade bread

(burger bun) recipe adapted by Celine Steen, an incredible food & cookbook writer of several delightful books

1 cup (235 ml) warm water (room temperature is fine)
2 tbsps (30 ml) light olive oil
1 to 2 tbsps (12 to 25 g) granulated sugar, to taste
1 tsp sea salt
3 1/4 cups (400 g) all-purpose flour
2 tsps instant yeast

Using a kitchen aid with a dough hook attachment, place water, oil, sugar and salt in the mixing bowl. Whisk them (with a fork) until well combined. Pour flour and yeast above the wet mixture. Mix the ingredients until a dough forms. It usually takes about 5-6 minutes. Do the window test, where you tear a small piece of dough and stretch it gently with your fingers. Hold it against a light. It will look similar to a morning light shining onto your curtains, waking your lazy body up.

Allow to mix for 5-6 minutes. Then cover the bowl tightly with cling wrap and let it rise for 60-90 minutes or until doubled the size. If you have a gas oven and it stays slight warm, just put a towel over the bowl and pop it into the oven.

Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper or silicon mat. Gently punch the dough, and let the air bubbles out. Form into any shape or sizes you want. I got lazy and made one big loaf but it can be made into lovely sesame buns too (click on the above link). For the next 30 minutes, place on prepared pan and cover with towel or cling wrap (loosely).

Preheat the oven to 375-400°F, and bake for 14 minutes.

roasted onions with dried rosemary

a big handful (10-15) of small red onions, washed
1 tbsp of dried rosemary
1 to 2 tbsps of extra virgin olive oil
season with sea salt and black pepper

Toss everything in a bowl. Bake at 375-400°F in iron cast pan for about 7-10 minutes or until you here them sizzle loudly.


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  • Anon says:

    Your adventures in the kitchen and fun times are really inspiring to me! I’d like to consider myself an up and coming self taught cook!

    Every time I read your blog entries, they really make me feel like I’ve made the right choice! Thanks for sharing these moments with us!

    • bakeanything says:

      Your words are too kind! I’m glad to hear that you are exploring your inner talent in the kitchen! Hope you are sharing homemade food with family and friends (:

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