cashew nut butter and stories

November 20, 2011 § 8 Comments


The usual pancakes, but this time with homemade cashew butter and a big pot of herbal tea. Mum and I used to make cashew butter all the time. We would buy a big bag of unsalted/toasted cashew nuts from the local nut store. Bring it home and blend it all in a food processor with some extra virgin olive oil until it becomes the consistency we like it.

Most of the time, it’s crunchy but when we start yapping away (even with the sound of the blender, like an obnoxious neighbour), we forget about it and it becomes creamy. After canning them in jars, we “clean” the processor by scrapping out the sides with a piece of toasted bread or digestive biscuit. Leaning our hips against the kitchen counter, we talk about what’s for dinner, how to do more yoga poses without hurting her back and creating passwords to lock computer games from my little brother. The next day, it will be a staple with brown toast for breakfast, on wholesome banana bread for tea and perhaps a midnight snack with a glass of warm cinnamon milk.

I’m now miles away from home.

However, same recipe or rather, technique stays the same. I have to warn you, there is no real recipe to this. For all who love precise measurement, I’m sorry. Philip Dundas, wrote a book call Cooking Without Recipe, which emphasizes on ingredients and letting the inner cook in you take over. But if any point, your blender decides to take control, there is no insurance for this recipe.

260g or 2 cups, toasted cashew nuts (salted or unsalted, according to your taste)
3 tbsps or 13g, extra virgin olive oil or any oil you desire
a pinch of salt

Blend the nuts in the food processor until it is crumbly. Then slowly pour in the oil and blend the mixture until you get your favourite consistency. How can you tell? Dip your finger in and try it. When it comes to a point where your heart skips a beat and your belly goes “yum”, then it’s officially your cashew nut butter.

Make it with your family members or friends and create your own story.


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