and we eat

December 19, 2011 § 6 Comments

For the past week I have been eating a lot. One could blame the holidays but I rather thank them for great company. There were certain instances a few of my close friends were worried that I would spend this festive season alone. Alone, I say, but not lonely. As one way or another, abundant joy comes towards you when you least expected and needed.

One lovely evening, I had a splendid opportunity to attend an intimate photo-sharing at Diane & Todd‘s charming studio. After getting stuck in traffic for a good 2 hours, I was perpetually starving and exhausted. The studio’s entrance lit up dimly with many small round white candles and fragrant curry scent escaped underneath the door. Its calmness immediately sent my anxiousness away.

Meeting the famous couple for the first time, I was a little nervous. Everyone in the food-blogging sphere spoke about their brilliant work. From their perfect photography/videos, flawless recipes, heart-warming stories and great spirit. The night started great with abundant of food, cheese and wine, which always helped to break the ice (note to hosts while inviting new guests). Then followed by a small slideshow of their recent personal project: Cuba.

Pictures were undoubtedly remarkable, but personally enjoyed the stories more. Cuba has endless controversies with embargo and politics. Yet beneath it all, the people, seem to live a carefree but meaningful and somewhat melancholy life. With years of limited liberation, I sometimes believe their only scapegoat is rum, plenty of it.

Their pictures taught us what is beyond a dish, the people. Simply said, when looking at an unkept, pixelated imagine of empty plates, one should not think of how ugly it looks but to be reminded how delicious the food was and there were no leftovers. Through out the night, there were seamless conversations about food and more stories from Cuba. I somehow found comfort in knowing that a place left untouched exists and hopefully stays the same. I also found new friends, who spoke delightfully of authentic food, capturing essences of a meal, conversations over it and sharing.

Writing this page here may seem simple but there are so many of us, like me, who wants to make it big. Yet, along the way, we lose our drive chasing big dreams. Thus, this evening reminded me to take time and focus on personal projects. Creating what is for you and rekindle your own flame. And this doesn’t just imply for food bloggers but to anyone who has BIG DREAMS.

While foodies frantically bake, snap, type and post recipes of holiday meals, please be reminded to enjoy every part of it. Most importantly, sit down,eat with your family, leave the dishes in the sink, drink more wine and share your stories with us.

Your eyes are your lens,
your heart is your shutter.
– White On Rice couple.

*all pictures taken & edited on iPhone


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