farewell 2011

December 25, 2011 § 5 Comments

For a person who hates saying goodbye, I’m glad to part with this year. 365 days of life changing events. Where should I start?

I remember coming back from the tropical country, still a little tan from the beaming sun and carrying a warmth on my cheeks. Orlando was not as warm but was a little cold. Then I took another break and wondered around Santa Monica for a few days. It was chilly but the Pacific ocean reflected the sunny light and brighten up the little town. There was an air of opportunity.

A few months later, I parted my ways with the bakery family. One of the hardest goodbye I had to make. I was so sheltered there from mainstream Americans. Herbal teas, vegan food, craft time with the girls and heartfelt kinships amongst everyone who stepped foot in there. There was no greener patch of grass anywhere else. But being young and restless, I took a whooping leap. So we drove.

About 2640 in 5 days. The soft top on my Miata gave way on the third day. We used tap and bungee cords to tie the roof down. It created this annoying-worrying noise, blew in hot Arizona air, and at 60-70 miles per hour, we persisted. The night we got to San Diego, we celebrated by eating Ethiopian food at Bayu’s . The flavorful platter with authentic herbs and spices, pulled us down to earth, conversations of the reasons for the move arose and ended with hopeful outlook.

Then it got rough, I changed so many jobs through out those few months. Salad shop, a hotel restaurant, a wholesome grocery store, a local restaurant and internship. Some I still hold a position to. At one point, I worked 7 days a week and everyday was a push to wake up. Then one morning, I asked myself, is this what it is suppose to be?

Career. Pay bills. Inner growth.

What was more important?

The society we live in pushes us in many directions. But none towards finding ourselves. Determine to not let it interfere. I took a bend on the road once more.

Food blogging. I realized was a big part of my life despite not having empel amount of readers. It had gradually came to a point where my profession intertwined with passion. Photography. Writing. So I attended IFBC and met so many other inspirational bloggers. They each had their own niche in food: bacon, family cooking, vegetarian, promoting certain food products etc. But I was there to find my niche and am still searching.

Stumbling upon Kinfolk magazine, there was another avenue for exploring my creativity. It quintessentially captured the importance of cooking and eating. The people. So who cares what you bring? Bring your heart and cook with your soul , the food is somehow reflected upon sincere connections. Whether if you are cooking to impress (when you shouldn’t), or your family or simply yourself, enjoy the moments and savour. Food will taste better.

So hello another new year. I’m embracing new opportunities, in many directions. Location, surroundings, people, work and perhaps even food.

What directions are you heading to?


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§ 5 Responses to farewell 2011

  • lizthechef says:

    We are friends, yet I am at least a generation ahead/behind you. My goal is to seriously pursue this food blogging and think about a cookbook, even if I have to self-publish it. I’m so happy we met at IFBC. X0

    • bakeanything says:

      Yes, that would be so splendid! I will definitely look forward to your book. I’m real glad too. Your words on FB are too kind. Am grateful!

  • Karen says:

    Everyday is an inspiration and a chance to shape our futures, dreams and selves. The Passion and drive within… The future will continue to evolve with or without our decision to conquer our fears… step out of our heads/ comfort zone and do what we want to do…

    I have stopped believing that the things that we are meant to do are the things that happen to us. I believe more that the things that happen are what we want to have happen. Even when we are stagnant and not pushing or striving… that too is a guide.

    This year… I am going to look fear in the face and go out on a limb. I have already been doing things that shape my path. This year… I will continue that effort with the same gusto… and see where it takes me…
    This year I will downsize… I will open my mind… I will take a step forward… I will invest in myself… I will let go of that which it not mind to hold onto… I will love with all my being… and I will believe…

    My direction is where i am going… where I have been… and the pleasure it takes to get and be there…

    • bakeanything says:

      Enjoying the ride and pursuing. Carpe diem! Somehow stepping out of the comfort zone is more meaningful than being within comforts. Though, on that note, it has to be somewhat towards a goal, which is accomplishing and worth while. Road is never easy. But once there, one should celebrate. Giddy up, giddy up! (:

  • Jillena says:

    Yes, in 2011, we made great friends at IFBC. I’m so glad we connected. I look forward to our journey through 2012!

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