January 1, 2012 § 8 Comments

– making desirable discoveries by accident

Much similar to the weather here in SoCal, my feelings have been up and down. It was almost 75F today, but after a 13 hours shift last night, I walked onto the foggy streets with three layer of clothing on. The evening was somewhat mellow. Just the kitchen crew blowing party trumpets, passing around Champagne and eating a hearty meal. I was still serving desserts up to 0018.

For many people in the food industry, we longed to be with family. But many chefs I know have been in the same spot for the last 20 years, the same spot, cooking on the same stove, with the same knife and even the same pair of pants (perhaps wider every year). Somehow they don’t know how to spend special events with close ones anymore. Though I enjoyed it, I crave for a different perspective inside.

Right before dawn came, I reflected on the year and appreciated for all decisions made and unexpected happenings. Thankful for friends who supported my move and family for being there, always; and food, for keeping my belly, insatiably happy.

This year I crave for many things but above all, serendipity. Happy New Year everyone. Keep your cravings to moderation!


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