my cup of tea

January 16, 2012 § 4 Comments

Slipping out of my dirty kitchen shoes and unbuttoning the chocolate stained chef coat, with upbeat footsteps I swiveled into the tiny kitchen. Opening the cabinet doors, an entire shelf of jars filled with dried herbal teas, waiting patiently to be used.

I first learnt of herbal remedies with a group of homestead ladies who takes pride in everything made from scratch. Usually, popping a pill takes unnecessary symptoms away but the side effects come later. Anxiousness & butterflies in my stomach, somehow became part of my daily life. After work, where I still feel stressed from the day; before a meeting, when it required speaking to a group of unknown people; pressure, from chasing time and getting things done.

On various occasions, I wished there was something to calm me down. To take the pills away, to diminish the uneasiness. When a cup of home blend was brewed for me, I sip the luke warm cosiness and knots in my shoulders gradually began to loosen up.

Turning the tap on and listening to soothing water run into the kettle. Whilst it boils, I change into comfortable clothing and damp warm water on my face. Putting tea leaves into the sifter of my black teapot, and catching glimpse of aroma from the jar. As I pour hot water into the tea pot, leaves float and release scents of flora and fauna. Once again, I sip from the warm cup and my muscles relaxes.

Now, I simply cannot live without not having a pot of tea somewhere in the house, reaching within distant or in a tumbler when I’m outside. Look for tea bags in your local groceries. Brew a cup, sit down, enjoy the process and share.

peppermint, great to cool the body
camomile & lavender, so lovely for a night’s rest
licorice, balancing your liver
ginger & lemon, keeps doctor at bay
chai blend, preserve your energy


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