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January 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

While on the road, there were many thoughts in my heads. About the past, moments missed, doors opened and closed, the future, what entails and what will be under controlled. For the last 3-4 years, I was fortunate to visit about 25 cities and lived in 5 of them. Moved so many times and finally hit the privilege status on mileage card.

Though, I try to absorb as much culture and experiences as I can without loosing myself, there were instances where I stopped to ask, did I do enough? But what is ever enough? To eat beyond limits, indulge extravagantly and visit every iconic structures, only to realize, that’s it? A photograph of you and the structure, upload an album on Facebook or share with your entire family, but nothing deeper within.

This trip, though was a slight rush, taught me to be present and be aware of the surroundings. Through observations of people who were either on the run or taking their personal time, I learnt to find my pace. In forest and along the chilly coastal road, the solitude moments were priceless. Giant redwood trees bare their souls in wet soil and glimmering sunlight. 350 feet from where we stood, we felt small. Looking up, glistering silver pockets of light shine elegantly between the leaves; tilting my head back more, the blue sky becomes clear but only for as long as you can hold your head.

Watching the eager waves hit the stern rocks, I felt attached to the horizon. Tide comes and go, powerful wind blew in my hair, whispering sharp soothing sound into my ear. It reflected the fight I put up for the last few years, searching for myself, slipping in and out of places and pondering over matters, people, and nature.

Somehow, it doesn’t matter if I am in England, Paris, New Zealand or here, my thoughts run the same. Letting the begone, be gone; being a part of the moment and not apart; forgive mistakes made by people or yourself but do not forget the lessons learnt. Finally, not forgetting that you are loved unconditionally.

So, eat with a pinch of salt, sip coffee with a teaspoon of sugar, do yoga and let your thoughts flow without judgement. Happy days lay ahead.


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