February 14, 2012 § 6 Comments


Another line crossed from my new year resolution list. I’m back in the sunny side of the world again. The tropical country, humid weather, crowded train stations, sticky arms, deep fried food, shared tables in food courts and icy cold drinks. These are a few familiarity I grew up with and soon forgot.

Standing between a group of high school kids (mostly wearing spectacles), and working adults, who rather look down on their iPhones, be in deep thoughts with his earphones dangling in the movement of the train and seem to know their directions even with their eyes close.

A rush, always a rush from getting to one end to another. The city that never sleeps in any sense.

Morning, a wet market, not necessary wet in particular but because of it’s excessive use of h20, cleaning, washing and prepping for the event. It’s a routine visit for housewives and curious hungry beings. It’s a play ground for me. Most of the time I am there to salvage food after purchasing fresh produce. Fresh spring rolls are handmade by an old lady who has been making them for the last 30 odd years. With utmost respect, there is no hurry placed upon her even though the last person in the line would probably has a 15 minute waiting time.

More delicious food with longer lines is a common sight. Good food is requires good wait. I’m game for everything ordinary that makes my belly happy. I believe the nostalgia of simple meals brings cliche warm fuzzy feelings back into place. No longer comforted by pictures and artificial imported food.

It’s been a few days since I got back. What’s the next plan, everyone seem to be asking? Write or bake? Thoughts? I’ll let you know.



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