sharing space and food

February 17, 2012 § 5 Comments

Thank you Liz for the award. Rediscovering a passion is beyond satisfying but to be awarded through the slow journey, certainly is liberating.

From soaking a pot of lentils in a bowl overnight to writing the steps, boiling the soup down and toasting bread. I am aware of why I started this space. To share recipes, is like taking a lovely tray of blueberry muffins around the neighborhood, allowing everyone else to indulge and take part in a lighthearted affair. Setting up the garden table with sugar and cream, accompanied with a pot of hot fragrant tea or a cup of freshly brewed columbian coffee, a group of friends around the table, laughing away. Such occasion cannot be done everyday, with time and distance between close friends, there is barely a chance to sit, eat and enjoy.

Thus this space allows for opportunity like such, to see, to read, to feel and take pleasure in delightful pictures. It also, gives an air of new perspectives to viewers who never seen this until it is stumbled upon.

Thank you Liz for presenting Liebster award to Bake, Anything. Grateful for it, and so thankful for you. It’s my turn to pass it on!

Eat well, live free, for being simply lovely in her writings and compassion for real healthy food

Ms Zeiciia , spilling beans inside the pastry world and following her heart

Ginger Snap Girl, Gloria who is obsessed with food

Le Chou Sauvage lots of vegan loving!

Christa , for having a kind soul!

Now it is your turn to pass along the blog award to five other food bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Copy and paste the link and link back to this post. Congratulations!


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