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March 28, 2012 § 5 Comments

There have been many write ups about this cosy space. A half bakery/cafe and book store, K-ki and Little Dröm Store. A shared common ground to ease the mind from intense public transport, bad hair days, humid weather and endless deadlines/expectations.

I felt a little frantic at first when Kinfolk published Volume 3. Where can I find it? I remember reading the stock-list and saw Singapore on it. They arrived yesterday and I quickly head over today. I’m a fan, a big fan. Making a beeline towards the book, my heart skips a beat, then fall into a moment of comfort and balance with life again.

Kinfolk time was spent drinking sencha tea, sharing a pot of tea and delectable basil chocolate with bitter orange cake. It is much needed for a day off. Casual banters, light-hearted laughters and pouring tea for one another when half full. After lunch hour, I sit in solace, enthrall by the warm afternoon sun hitting against a bright blue wall. I thought of how charming life unveil itself since my return.

Sharing food with family,cooking with mum and talking about travels, helping dad cut fruits, spilling spots of curry sauce across the table while giving my little brother a second serving and indulging in rich coconut rice. Catching up with the last four years, missed and treasured.

During the journey, I learnt to trust my heart. Seek tender moments, reflect upon the dark clouds, filter my thoughts on paper and manifest for a silver lining. I wish others do the same, find confidence in finding their voice and inner gut, as it is oh so very comforting.

Living by the edge in kitchens, the fast tempo of whisking and plating keeps my feet alive; but ultimately writing beside a pot of tea and waiting for the oven timer to go off, photographing over a big wooden table, sharing pastries with family and friends is where my appetite lies.

Thankful for a devoted hour or so at Kki/Little Dröm Store. I can now find Kinfolk in this part of the world and continue to be inspired. It was lovely talking to Del from K-ki for her spirit is so lively and joyful. Her husband’s, Kenneth, little angelic pastries are unbelievable moorish, and light.

7 Ann Siang Hill


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