soup day

April 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

As of recent, I had my wisdom tooth removed. Surgery was a breeze but the aftereffect was, atrocious. Anesthesia slowly wore off, numbness became real, and I slipped into restlessness. I became very dehydrated and hunger eased in. While limited to liquid food, I yearn for everything but.

Crunchy peanut butter on hot toast, stir fry vegetable rice noodles with some hot sauce, a big bowl of organic salad with garlic bread crumbs and a rustic apple coffee cake with hot tea. I couldn’t have any of those. Mum, being the loveliest person, made rice porridge till it was soft as cotton balls. She pureed some vegetables with seasoned tofu into a comfort soup. Sometimes being ill is not all that bad, since I am showered with affection and care.

Nevertheless, it would be quite delightful to enjoy a well-baked chocolate cookie or a hot pressed sandwich. Till that moment comes again, it shall be soups, more home pureed baby food, cat naps and reading time.

lots of devotedness from a mother’s heart


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