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April 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

This is a blog post not about food but a thought from the heart.

I gathered this image while on a bus crossing the Johor-Singapore Causeway. During my high school years, I will wake up at 4.30 every morning, gather my things and half awake body, wait for the school bus and head towards the customs. Though the bridge is only merely more than a kilometers or 2/3 of a mile, it would sometimes take about 2 hours to cross.

Much like the picture below, there were kids as native as 5 years-old or elderlies at a fragile age, taking a public bus, heading in and out of both countries. One with vast infrastructures, modern technologies, world-leading education and competitive lifestyle; the other, blessed with a blend of old & new architectures, adequate supplies, traditional schools (still using chalk and black board) and a laid back life.

The young, seek for adventures to stretch their wings; and old, look for a comfortable nest to relax. Split between the two, many work in Singapore and return to Johor Bahru everyday. Work visas are getting harder to achieve and rents are raising. Their only choice is to endure the long traffic on the bridge above the muggy sea waters, wait for customs to check everyone’s ID, commute to work and do the same in the evening.

I saw both tiredness and excitement in this picture. I felt sympathy and hopeful. The irony couldn’t be more conflicting. Yet, we carry on with our lives vicariously and resolutely. Waiting for a change.


§ 2 Responses to new old

  • "James" says:

    This conjers so many thoughts about my life and my path on earth… Undefined and ever evolving…
    We try every day to do what is “best” and what works… Sometimes it feels like there is little to no option… Some of us (me included) need to stop and think about how many options we really do have… And the gifts that we should be thankful for. and should celebrate.

    Thanks for this glimpse into your life journey. It is a great reminder of the great fortune that I have… And my intent to not walk through life allowing others to define me or my path. There are some things we control. And I do believe that we vote with our money.

    Thanks you again for sharing.

  • bakeanything says:

    We do vote with our money. We do have options. But when we are not searching for something, we don’t see it, ignore it and dismiss it. Best have an open mind and heart.

    Miss you and big hugs (:

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