this past two weeks

May 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

have been frantic

but with great eats

typical asian vegetable curry, tempeh fish, wild rice and curry puffs

weekend brunch, pancakes with caramelized apples and cuppa at Marmalade, KL

the big metropolitan city, KL

amedei chilli chocolate with honey & peanut butter sauce, 2AM dessert bar
another stage week

The week ended beautifully, as I had lunch with close family friends. I understand that with all the achievements of other people, there could never be anything as fulfilling as your own. The list of things created/awarded by media, judges or critics, somehow, should be reflected upon an individual’s understanding. What is best for the whole world might not be suited for you.

As much as I admire the discipline in kitchens and avant grade (molecular gastronomy) used in cuisines, I question the need as human beings to enjoy food in such spectrum. While at the end of the day, we go back to basics of a humble apple pie, fresh dolloped of whipped cream and a cup of herbal tea for dessert. It is simply luxurious to dine in such accomplished eateries.

Save a special date, dress charmingly, bring pleasurable company and appreciate the food. I always believe, good people should pair with good food, or else no matter how great the food is, your companion might just spoil the meal with their ill-mannered character.

Less is more. For now, I’ll be taking pride in modest food and close companionship. A new perspective to mull over this weekend.


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