Hong Kong will be beautiful, when it’s done

May 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

“Hong Kong will be beautiful, when it’s done,” a family friend said.

True enough, I return to Hong Kong to find a new city. My usual spots unexpectedly became new spaces filled with fresh faces. It left me startled, but created an air of curiosity. So I did what I love most, get lost in a city.

It’s been five years, yet walking down Central brings the familiar hastiness, sophisticated styles, competitive culture and a blend of modern/historical architectures. Lanes between big buildings selling imitation clothing, bags, shoes etc with loud ladies yelling at one another even though they are having a casual banter. Uneven short but inconceivable steep staircase, leading up towards SOHO, which turned into a cosy art district.

Heading towards Causeway Bay, people were in a more comfortable pace but for shopaholics, it is a rat race. The new Forever 21 has four levels, much like Primark in London.

Food scene on Percival Street remains unchanged. My favourite chinese desserts 糖水 dong sui, which literally translate to sweet water was the best indulgence. Sweet smooth almond soup; bean curd with gingko nuts and black sesame rice dumplings. So full of heartwarming and dynamic flavors.

Right across the street, an authentic noodle house 池记. Homemade egg noodles with wonton dumplings and Cantonese rice porridge with oily hot chili pepper sauce.

Cafe Corridor, situated right opposite Times Square, which has a small dingy entrance/walkway, serves breakfast and brilliant coffee. Finally, a decent cup of soy latte with lovely baristas.

Muji, ironically a Japanese store which stole my heart with its meticulous designs.

The new Hong Kong, changed through my eyes like a daughter growing up under a parent’s nose. The vibe is still ever so upbeat, young and refreshing even when the night unfolds. Unnoticeably, swift transformations and steady growth, once realized, bewilders the world.

More posts about Hong Kong coming your way.


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§ 2 Responses to Hong Kong will be beautiful, when it’s done

  • Yen says:

    Beautiful! I’ve actually never been to HK, but I know Jeff did a couple years back. One day. One day I will go to HK!

    • bakeanything says:

      Tell Jeff to stop partying without you!!! 😀 yes, do come, mum wants to bring you and your dad out to EAT! (:

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