May 30, 2012 § 3 Comments

Getting astray in the crowded streets, wondering about mindlessly, searching for what the city could offer, I chanced upon an inspirational eatery along Wellington Street, Central District HK.

I stood still. Dumbfounded, initially by the earthy outlook and rustic designs, staring at the black board. “What are you grateful for?”, it wrote. It brought back sentimental memories and forgotten emotions from all my travels. Feeling right at home walking in, gazing over the counter filled with delightful raw desserts and vegan treats. Everyone was really helpful with orders and introducing the unique menu. Flats, burgers, salads, fresh juices, gluten free, vegan and raw options? I simply could not demand for more.

After  much persuasion from  Menchie, who has the most outgoing/lovely personality, I got a Babylon flat wrap. A customized combination, personalized to your own taste wrap with homemade wholemeal or GF wraps. Avocado, arugula, spinach and some wholesome hummus pressed in a divine warm gluten free wrap.

Christian, a traveller, a yoga lover, raw food advocate and modest owner, shared his philosophy Mana! and stories from the world. I took empathy in a desire for change in personal health, seeking growth and creating a strong community.

Their raw hazelnut cake is by far the best raw sweets I had tasted. Thick and luscious layer of bittersweet cacao & nutty hazelnut texture, ironically gave a delightfully ending. Perhaps, it was the conversation with Christian and the ambience of peace and awareness that heightened my appetite, but it was so moorish, yet healthy.

It is real charming for a quaint sustainable cafe advocating a balance and holistic well-being in one of the most polluted but beautiful cities in Asia. If anything, I would personally dine there everyday to keep the splendid innate energy, whole.

Fast Slow Food
92 Wellington Street
Central District
Hong Kong


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