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June 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

Headed up north last weekend to restart my button before a new adventure again. A light travels across greystone tiles, staring at my feet absorbing the warm humidity and waiting for the kettle to boil. Barely half awake, but eager to set myself up for the new day.


The previous week has been fulfilling. Mostly because I had the pleasure to dine at some heartfelt eateries with a compassionate community  and enjoyed their company.

Real Food, situated along Killiney road, offers one of the simple yet memorable dining experience. Once entered, you are welcomed with a wide calm space with tall ceilings and light wooden communal tables. Though seemingly authentic, its minimalist approach yields a calming atmosphere. Much like their food, which focuses on cooking from scratch and requires a longer waiting time. Family and friends are seated, then patiently wait for their meals to come, meanwhile, they catch up on their hectic day and enjoy each other’s warmth.

Real food takes pride in organic, wholesome and natural ingredients. Their dishes inspired by a blend of local, Western and Japanese cooking, are remarkably flavourful and refreshing.

Tempted by a quinoa burger, put together carefully with lentils and beets, sandwich with wholemeal bun. A little disappointed that it falls apart much too easily, nevertheless tasty. The organic steamed sweet potatoes are real tender, succulent and pack with natural vitamin A. Amanda, a SG base vegan food blogger, had a wheat penne pasta with cherry tomatoes and olives. The basil gives it an extra lift of Mediterranean flavour.

Dessert was at Brownice, a plant-base ice cream store. It has every flavor you can imagine, uses whole ingredients like cacao bean and fresh self-frozen fruits. It turns ingredients into a refreshing healthy dessert. Real delightful. Rumour has it that they serve durian ice cream but I have yet to try that for myself. For now, a summer strawberry ice cream would suffice.

Good food and company goes hand in hand. Having the most splendid meal in the world would not out do a simple meal of bread and butter with love ones. I would feel like Anton Ego, the food critic in Ratatouille, taking pleasure in negative reviews. In a city where everyone is rushing to dine in new eateries and discover the latest trend, I find myself ravishing over a relaxed dining space, with lovely ambience and nourishing food.


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