morning rituals

June 28, 2012 § 4 Comments

It is effortless to savor and be idle, at brief moments when soft yellow light rays pierce through white curtains. Shining upon bed sheets, ruffled from a good night’s rest or tossing about. Either way, all is forgiven when a pot of kettle starts to boil and long whiffs of dark roasted coffee grounds get caught between my messy hair.

I enjoy having to sit down for breakfast. Living in the city, breakfast is usually in a hurry. Grabbing anything on the go, hop on the train/bus and eat at office desks. I find it distorts my sense of balance. Having able to wake up early, prepare a decent simple breakfast, sit down, soak in some air and brace myself for the day.

Somehow, I like to think that peculiar solitude between refueling the body righteously and relaxing makes the day more lovable. Isn’t that why we always adore Sunday brunches? Waking up late, being lazy, sharing heartfelt conversations with others, eating wholesome food and letting time flow gently.

Though that can’t happen everyday, I feel the same celebratory joys with myself in the morning. A new beginning on a flawless day, is like a freshly brewed latte with a heart shape art. Carefully crafted by a tattooed barista, who has a half black apron resting on his waist and despite his sleepy smile, he buoyantly greets everyone a lovely day. Hopeful for better opportunities, happier days and more smiles.

At home, we share quiet awkward morning moments and shy laughters over hot toasts smear with jam & homemade peanut butter or a bowl of strawberry cereal/oatmeal, always accompanied with fresh fruits.
Gathering everyone to the table, sharing the plans and building impermeable bonds.

The ritual does not happen everyday but most often it does. When it does takes place for a private person, two cosy people or a happy group, it shares a common inner gratification to a pleasant day.


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