Melbourne in 53 hours

August 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

Touching down, i made a beeline towards the closest cafe. Somehow when one plans for a trip with lists of places to visit, once you get to the destinations so many variables alter that. All I could think was, I am famished, fed me. Walking along Flinders, I passed by the darkly lit Journal. Vaguely remembered reading it online, I climbed up a few steps, open the sliding door and a quiet sense of calmness melody sings through. I made myself comfortable with the menu: gluten free bread, soups, bruschettas, sandwiches, sweets and coffee. Blown away with the change of cuisine from Asia, I felt slightly spoilt.

Cosy black knee high communal tables, surrounded with literate friends who either had an old book or newspaper on their hand. Occasionally, taking a pen to write or joint down their deep thoughts in a lightly lined notebook. Likewise, I settled in with my stationaries and grab the papers.

Whist waiting, I could not help but realized, how at peak lunch hours, everyone was so calm. I indulged in fresh slices of rich avocado and a light squeeze of zesty lemon, sprinkle with sea salt and crushed black pepper. Simplicity at its best, that is exactly what I was searching for and found. Walking down the highs treet and trying to soak in the busy central business district, which is not busy at all, compared to the sunny island. Of course the occasional lady wearing heels taking two steps faster then others or a man trying to swallow his homemade sandwich half enclosed in a zip log bag. Seemingly there seems to be a pack-your-own lunch culture going on, something I admire.

I spent the next few precious moments taking time to admire Melbourne’s cafe culture. Had one too many lattes, tasted some interesting blends and visited some roasters. To name a few, heartwarming Kinfolk Cafe, authentic roaster St Ali, Coffeacaffee, Cottle Coffee which has a wide selections of home blends, so ever cosy Little King Cafe , unique Brother Baba Budan and organic Truffula Seed Cafe.

A sense of understanding with food and life is easily aquatinted here. It isn’t just food per se but the wholeness of ingredients, seasons and sense of community. I appreciate the fact that everything closes early. Homemakers are set to get home to enjoy family time and take delight in spending the evening with love ones. Just so lovely.

53 hours was indubitably not enough, but enough to make me feel intimate with confidence again. Rejoice over happy days, learn from the mistakes and allow brilliances to soak in. After all, I am a year older.

Once a journey is designed, equipped, and put in process; a new factor enters and takes over.
– John Steinbeck, Travels with Charlie.


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§ One Response to Melbourne in 53 hours

  • Clarissa says:

    It seems to be somewhat different experience of Melbourne but you have jotted down about the most imp things which are food and people; with awesome collage of pics.

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