kinfolk cafe

August 28, 2012 § 3 Comments

A delightful space, driven with passionate kind souls, serving wholesome food with seasonal ingredients, dished up on rustic utensils and accompanied with recycled furnitures.

Its heartwarming name first captured me with much interest. As an earnest reader of anything Kinfolk Magazine , I quickly booked mark the cafe. Forgot about it while trying to read up on other coffee roasters, and discovered it again, after a few hours alighting the flight then train on Southern Cross Station, and turning onto Bourke Street. Greeted with a long rustic table decorated with fresh early spring plants basking in wine crates, I felt a close connection with its warmth and cosy vibe.

People sat comfortability, ordered from a menu off a chalkboard and were very friendly. They did not seem to bother if the tart shell were unevenly pressed, took pleasure in eating off small wooden boards and shared tables with strangers. After all, its about the content, not about the entire setting. That is perhaps, the charm, which kept customers from going in and out. Also explains why by a quater after one, three dishes were already off the board.

The server reassured me to take my time over and over. Thus, so I did.

I sat down for a long time, to catch my breath from the flight and also to soak up the atmosphere. Sipping a latte and indulging a zesty blackberry & apple crumble tart. There is something very lovely about feeling small in a brand new city. The excitement of discovering anything and everything, and creating an intangible personal experience.

This little enthusiastic cafe gives so much positivity, it’s easy to feel liberated and at ease. I would love to see more places giving more thoughts into charity and creating wholesome yet simple meals. Where people would gather at any given hour to enjoy each other’s company or take away work life with a cup of fair-trade coffee.

Kinfolk cafe
673 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000
Open 7am-3pm, Monday – Friday


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