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October 16, 2012 § 4 Comments

From Singapore
As I pondered the meaning of happiness I sat and thought awhile.
The outwards signs are clear enough, sparkling eyes and a beaming smile.
And inwardly how can one tell or gauge this emotion intact for it blends with many others, to me that is a fact
Joy, Pleasure and Ecstasy
As friends together are difficult to separate for they go hand in hand.
What is the rue meaning of happiness I ponder?

I recived an email from a previous customer who knew I stopped serving bad food at a recent joint. She stopped over the island to visit her mother and stepdad, while stumbling along the place.

From Beijing

How are you? What are you doing now? What’s on the horizon? What’s going on with you? You started a new job, right? Are you still in Singapore? What’s your dream right now?

Those are questions define by the principles of being present. Seemingly something I needed to read and ponder what is innate .Though, I could simply answer I am fine. It is more than just that.

As of recently, I’ve been trying to learn a lot more about coffee. Dialing to the right texture, tasting richness/acidity of an espresso, bonding with machine, being patient with food and learning from customers. Building relations through conversations and their ritual customized drinks. Value serendipity and simplicity as part of my daily regime.

It poured real heavily one morning and we were so quiet. It gave us time to talk about little funny things like how people always choose over raw sugar than white, white tastes better than raw in espresso drinks. Also how people think coffee cake has caffeine in them or how our forefathers should learn how to drink Jungle beer rather than Tiger. I had an epiphany to make chocolate pear pizza. As I knead the dough with my floured hands and spread the dough, I hear soft chatters and rain drops interlace with one another. I continue to grate left over dark chocolate chucks, then slice fresh sweet pears, layering them gently as I anticipate how lovely they will taste with some ice cream.

When all is done, I slide the pizza into the preheated oven. From the magic room window, I watch the sunlight try to pierce through the cloudy sky. Slowly the day starts to wake up, customers started to come in. It is always the case when we want to eat peacefully, we start to get busy. We laugh about it, all the time and joyfully serve them. A cup of joe and something to munch on.

The pizza is now cold and long forgotten, but still the flavours are there and crisps edges are being fought for. We are still in good spirits.

In the midst of hectic moments, I dwell over the words my friends questioned. Happiness, somehow is a fleeting space in time. Captured and stored in the heart. It’s up to the surrounding and next few hours that changes the feeling. Pen it down. Snap it. Remember it. Savour it.

“Figure out what you want & learn how to ask for it”

– How Do You Know?


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§ 4 Responses to letters from friends

  • emilyruthnelson says:

    love the way your write. so visual. keep spreading the joy.

  • More often than not, everyone needs a space they can call their own where they can choose to share or keep it tightly to themselves. I fail to express my delight, having sought and stumbled upon your space which you have so generously and kindly shared. There is just something about indulging in the words and thoughts of others, something that just clicks inside and all the warmth in the world wouldn’t be enough to fill up your self; simply by finding companionship in your words, just like a hug reminiscent of an old friendship. I send my humble wishes to you, that the hustle & bustle of the bar will always inspire renewed vigour in you, that your kind touch do dampen the cold steel exterior of the Machine, and that the balance of the brew that you will have carefully crafted fuel you towards your own cup that you measure your success in.

    • bakeanything says:

      Thank you Aslam. You have been nothing but supportive and generous. Now if everyone knew how hard we try to make them happy with their daily coffee, the world will have more kind hearted people. Think happy thoughts there! Im grateful to know you. Will drop by soon (:

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