last hurrah

December 30, 2012 § 6 Comments

It’s the final day for the cafe, last week of the year. Sentimental feelings resonate memories made here. For every foot stepped through this door, is unique. Everyone comes in as a stranger, then served with an inviting cup of coffee or pint of beer, a slice of cake or perhaps a freshly pressed sandwich. After the meal, a friendship is made.

A shared space.

I recognize the faces, remember their orders, know the way they enjoy their coffee or cookie. Slightly acidic, a little stronger or weaker, whether they have their cookie or not. Everyone, at some point, enjoys undivided attention. Between, making sure the water pitcher is filled, oven timer hasn’t gone off, delivering every order, pouring milk into the already oxidizing espresso and making a pretty art, I am also, talking to a regular about her career plan after some soul searching.

At the other corner, there is a party of four. Their vibrant energy infuse into the space and created a laughter of nervousness. It seems that every cafe has a structure and we are deemed to transfix this into another space. So they wave furiously at me and demand attention. Attention, my dears are not to be demanded, if you need any, it should be purely courtesy. There is no “customers are always right” deal here. It’s a communal gathering. A damn congressional.

After I am done with cleaning the milk pitcher, I walked over. Sat on the chair with them and ask what can I do for them. As always, in awe that I sat down, they ordered politely. It seems we are on same eye levels and all of a sudden, tables turned.

Perhaps, any enlightened feeling of esteem in a person, is best gathered from mutual understanding. An understanding that food is ultimately fuel and the cook (that means your mother too) or group of people making it, should be treated the way you treat yourself or even better.

Many eateries leave gap, and the only way you connect with the stranger making your meal is through the food. If the food is good, you put a tip/note, sometimes lucky enough to even know who made it.

Here, I find the commandery has been striped down to bare minimum. That is the beauty.


Over the couple of months, I drank more espresso then the last 20 odd years of my life, witnessed some very awkward customers, ate way too much chocolate, laughed my heart out countlessly with the crew and made new heartfelt connections with charming people.

Though, many say they will miss us, I say, I will miss them more. A strong bond has forged and shall continue after this hiatus. A new space is in the offing.


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