England 2013 part I

January 14, 2013 § Leave a comment


Perhaps there was always a time in my heart that just felt stagnant. A momentous mellow feeling that quietly fades after the afternoon sun sets gently over the horizon, but stay to savor the last warmth it gives.

After five years, I’m back in England. Only to realized, I had missed this place so much more than I thought. The crisp cold air, uneven stone pavements, whitewashed townhouses, lovely pastries displayed by cafe windows, and little courtesy gestures.


Waking up to soft winter sun, listening to the hot water boil, and watching pancakes get flipped. The kids dash through the kitchen door in their jams jams, all smiles and sleepy eyes, ready to be fed. She swirls thick golden syrup over the pancake and roll it up gently. He spreads rich Nutella over his, rolls it up and dips it with honey. Years later the habits never change. Now he uses an adult knife, and drop sless crumbles. I caramelized some banana for the lady, spread peanut butter over wholewheat toasts and press them together on the aga.

Over the table, we laugh at spongebob being a little silly, the kids tell me about school, winter sports, new games and a new sister due this spring. Their soft smiles, long beautiful eye lashes and effort to learn, still flatters me with delight. With all, I wonder how they grew up so quickly and got better than me at Wii.



Sensible, delightful and so mischievous. I’m reminded again of how I’ve changed and how they changed me. I lean against the wooden chair and let everything sink in.

Back in the city, I am surrounded with icy weather and less personal warmth, but gained some courage to explore the city. Their goodbye kisses and long embraces keep me grounded, and thankful for all that I have and yet to experience.


one unripped banana, halved and sliced
two toasts
two heaping teaspoon of peanut butter or Nutella or favourite spread

Drizzle some oil onto a nonstick pan under low medium heat. Place bananas evenly and slowly watch them caramelized. As they turn slightly burn on the edges flip them and do the same on the other side. Meanwhile, spread peanut butter/jams on the toast. Slide ready bananas on them and press the toasts together.

Slice into halves and best enjoy with a cup of tea.


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